Epidemic Sound Review - Is Epidemic Sound the Best Music for YouTube in 2021?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Epidemic Sound review - is Epidemic Sound the best music for YouTube in 2021?

Let’s face it, uploading music on YouTube is a mess. You don’t only have to make sure to follow traditional copyright laws but have to deal with the system! If you haven’t heard about the problems, let me summarize them for you in a few words. Basically, the algorithm tends to detect infractions in all types of videos wrongly. If it wasn’t enough, you got companies that have been profiting from it quite extensively. It has gotten to a point where most creators avoid music altogether since a second can get your video flagged.

If the term ‘flagged’ is not familiar to you, just know that you really want to avoid it. Imagine you work very hard on a project, finally get to upload it, gain some traffic, and then everything falls apart. Out of a sudden, you are faced with an infraction. This either means your video won’t make any money or that what it will make will go to others’ hands! Terrifying, isn’t it? Well, do not worry, thankfully there are a few workarounds, one of which is Epidemic Sounds.

This article will take a deep dive into it, let you know what it offers, talk about costs, and a bit about its competition. Lastly, as always, our verdict will come.

What is Epidemic Sound?

It is a service that lets you add music to whatever you create. It is attractive because it offers a way out of copyright messes so common nowadays. It works by simply creating your account, paying the fee, linking your channel, and that is it. If you’re worried about its veracity or security, be reassured. It is a high-end product as its associations with T-Mobile, Twitter, Microsoft testify.

There is one major difference between Epidemic Sound and others providing royalty-free music. While both give you the right to use music included in a license instead of one by one. It lets you avoid fees for playing in public, known as “performance rights”. This is often not included in other services and, for some, can be hugely significant. Note that you can also edit or remix tracks and claim property following fair use standards. But you cannot launch an unedited track like yours, regardless of the subscription you got.

Lastly, we would like to underline that it pays 50% of revenues to the creators of all tracks and sounds you see on the site.

Epidemic Sound music - how many tracks?

You will be amazed by the answer! It has a list of over 32000 tracks and over 60000 sound effects. The list also includes stems (individual instruments separated) and is constantly updated. As you can expect, there are many genres and sections available to center on the 6 most popular.

They all share 5 filters: newest, popular, alphabetic, tempo, and length. So, though the numbers sound overwhelming, you will find what you are looking for with relative ease. Besides, one cool feature is the button next to each song that shows you similar ones when pressed. Furthermore, the service keeps up with trends well and has a specific category for moods.

Below a list of options with their content. Note that what is in parenthesis refers to the most popular. That is, based on quantity, not on the frequency of use or reproduction.

Is Epidemic Sound free?

Though we wish we could say otherwise, Unfortunately, it isn’t. You get a thirty-day free trial for every plan, but that is as far as it gets. But don’t get discouraged yet. Below we mention prices, which are not crazy considering the service potential. So, without further ado, let’s talk about prices.

Epidemic Sound Pricing

There are 3 main ones, 2 with fixed prices:

On the single-track field, there are 6:

Epidemic Sound vs Artlist

By looking at the companies profile, we can say that there is a tie. Though Epidemic Sound has been out there over a decade before, Artlist has higher renowned partners. We are talking Coca-Cola, Google, Nike types.

But Epidemic Sound does have the upper hand in the number of tracks and sounds available. Artlist, as of 2502, has over 12000, not even half of Epidemic Sound’s offer. It is understandable since it is young, but judging by the rate of both expansions won’t catch up soon. However, this does make Epidemic Sound a no-brainer. Quantity is only one factor.

When it comes to features, we say that there is a tie and that deciding which is best on this aspect is too subjective. For example, Artlist has the useful option to filter tracks based on your video theme. But lacks the button to listen to similar options and the “Stems” option. One can assume that adding video theme considerations makes it inarguably better. But again, ease of finding is one of the many factors.

If we look at the prices for a moment, we see a clear winner. Artlist suffers from two interrelated main problems. First, you can only pay yearly, so for example, the most affordable plan will cost $199 (the equivalent of $16.60). Second, Epidemic Sound costs $55 less due to its yearly discount.

However, Artlist has an advantage in the long term because it gives a lifetime right of use for downloads. Epidemic Sounds, instead, revoke those rights if you end the subscription (but older uploads stay fine).

“So, which one is best?”. We are afraid we can just provide a factual overview that needs interpretation.

Is Epidemic Sound worth it?

What we can do, though, is to issue our verdict, so here it is: If you are interested in easing your experience using music on YouTube and are looking for paid options, Epidemic Sound must be on the top list. The sheer number of tracks, coupled with interesting features and affordable pricing, deserves to be praised.

Thanks for reading this article. We expect it has been useful.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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