Leadpages Review - Is It the Best Landing Page Builder in 2021?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Intro to Leadpages Review

When you want to start your business, everything can seem complicated. Where should I start? Which option should I choose? How much time am I going to spend learning how to set the page? 

Leadpages answer some of those questions by giving you an easy and effective option.

In this article, I’ll tell you all you need to know about Leadpages, its features, costs, and if it is a good option for you. 

What is Leadpages

Leadpages is a service that helps you create amazing landing pages or websites. It comes with a pretty look, several features. And you don’t need to know the slightest thing about coding to set them up!

Besides increasing leads, it contributes with tools to increase your conversion rates too! All with a comprehensive set of stats and monitoring features.

One relevant feature is the option to see how well your page will look on mobile devices, together with the offer of alert bars, ad pop-ups, email subscriber lists, and more.

Other great features are the guidance and tips provided since day one. And a testing option to compare how two designs will look and perform on your page.

If you’re wondering, what about receiving payments? Do not worry. The pro plan comes with integrated support for Stripe built-in checkouts. Paypal is also supported, though with a small difference, more on that on the pricing section.

Additionally, your customers can get into your email list by simply sending a short SMS text. According to the site, there is up to a 75% higher conversion rate by using this feature. Note that it is only available in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. 

Where can I buy Leadpages

You can buy Leadpages here.

Leadpages Templates 

As soon as you enter the page, the broad range of options available will surprise you. Borth for landing pages and websites, Leadpages has many templates to choose from.

The filtering option will be your ally here as it extremely comes in handy, apart from the most popular and new templates. There is a category to see those templates with the best conversion to mobile devices.

You can also filter them by type of industry, style (minimal, casual, elegant, etc.), and colors. Remarkably, the categories feel for authentically different purposes, which means that Leadpages doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and instead offers variety!  

This last point is very important, and given how different businesses and audiences are! 

Leadpages Pricing 

Everything in life comes with a price, and Leadpages is not an exception. Now, let us discuss the three packages currently available as of Jan 2021.

First, the “Standard” package costs $37 per month or $27 per month if billed once per year only for one site. Significant features are access to pop-ups ads, unlimited traffic, notification, and sales alerts. There are also 40 standard app integrations covered, converting to mobile and more.  

The problem for many is that online sales and payments are not included. Neither do unlimited testing nor telephone customer service are. There are other limitations as well, so make sure to check the details first. 

For those that find the standard plan too basic and can afford an additional expense, there is the “Pro” plan. It is worth $79 per month, or 59% (annually), counts with support for up to 3 sites, and has everything from the standard plan. This version lets you receive online payments with on-site checkouts powered by Stripes. It includes unlimited testing, 1o “opt-in text” options (via SMS). And also, “Email trigger links”, which your customer can use to sign up for your offers from their email.

Then there is the “Advanced” package worth $321 monthly or $239 if paid per year. It includes everything from the other two plans, support for 50 sites, and more. There are more integration options (e.g., salesforce or Marketo), and it has 50 extra SMS options.  You can also have a 1-1 communication with a marketing specialist to ensure everything is set up well. As you can see, Leadpages offers several options for various types of businesses.

Leadpages Free Trial 

Like other providers, Leadpages offers a free trial of 14 days for every plan.

To access it, you have to enter your name, email, and payment details beforehand. You must add and confirm checkout (in the case of using PayPal) because you will be charged after the 14 days pass. Do not worry though, Leadpages and the payment methods are very secure. Only make sure to keep track of the days passed if you’re testing several competitors as well.

Once you complete the registration, you get access to all features, and you’re good to go.   

Leadpages Integrations 

Leadpages offers a wide range of support to marketing and sales applications. As with the templates, the offer is surprisingly big. There is one necessary clarification. Every application has three different levels of integration. 

The ‘integrated’ types were tailored for Leadpages and come with their customer service. The “compatible” category uses third parties, and there is no customer service from Leadpages. The ‘available via Zapier’ types use Zapier, a data sharing and workflow automation app.

There are several for analytics (Google Analytics) in the’ integrated’ group, 2 for CRM. For email marketing, there are over eight options. For payment gateways, there is Stripe. It also supports WordPress and, of course, Zapier.

Among the most renowned “compatible” apps you have: Shopify for Eccomerce. Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Twitter for social media. Paypal for payments, Livechat or Chat.io for chats, and Squarespace or Wix for websites. 

Is Leadpages worth it?

If we compare it as a landing page creator and leads maximizer with its the paid competition, we see a few things. First, it is cheaper than others, at least half the price. Besides, Leadpages charges a fixed fee rather than based on total traffic created as others do. 

Secondly, the lower price comes with comparably lesser features and limited customization. Comparing Leadpages with WordPress and its plugins is a bit complex. On the one hand, using it to create a website is much faster, as you don’t spend time learning or adding plugins. But using WordPress can be free and offers a range of customization that is incomparable. 

On the other hand, as a landing page creator, Leadpages is remarkable. You get more from the money and a much faster process compared with WordPress paid plugins. Of course, at the expense of less customization and a higher price.

For these reasons, we can make general conclusions three conclusions:

Ideally, using both will get you the best customization, value per money. And what we’ve might be most interested in, having higher chances of success!

So, while we recommend Leadpages for several reasons, we remain a bit cautious. Every business is different, and thus we encourage you to judge by yourself. The extra features, relative lack of customization, and price and accessibility deserve attention.

We hope you have learned about Leadpages, and you feel better prepared now.

Thanks for reading this article.   Make sure to check our webpage constantly as we’ll be uploading more content soon.

Where can I buy Leadpages

You can buy Leadpages here.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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