Teachable Review - How to Make Money on Online Courses

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

Intro to the Teachable Review

Many people find themselves being good at something and wonder about teaching. And let’s face it, everyone is good at something and sees it as a great goal. However, the question that follows is “How to do so”?

Wouldn’t it be great to provide knowledge to the world, make a living out of that, and by using online tools? Well, that is exactly what platforms like Teachable allows you to do, and today we will discuss it. 

I will tell you what it is, mention likable features, talk of prices and 3 competitors. Lastly, there is a section on making money using this platform.  Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is Teachable? 

It is an online platform that lets you create courses and give coaching services to your clients. It is fascinating how varied the platform is, tech, arts, science, sports, politics, it has it all! Furthermore, it gives you unlimited bandwidth, students, courses, and more.

Under those conditions, any brand or business can benefit. Besides, taking the most out, it is all in your hands.

Teachable stands out for a few things:

It covers website connection using their domain, helpful dashboards, an onsite-meeting option.

You can also schedule events using Calendly, have surveys, and use Zapier’s partners. Other integrations are Facebook, Google Analytics, MailChimp, among others. It also deals with copyright issues, payments, taxes, etc. (see the last section). And counts with an “award-winning support” for creators and businesses. 

One last noteworthy feature of Teachable is the student progress tracking coverage. Your courses are not restricted to lectures or readings. For example, there could be tests. Even if you don’t want to include those, it let students see their progress on the task you included. 

Teachable Pricing

There are 3 paid plans available. All with unlimited courses, integration for payment, student management, etc.

There also seems to be a free plan available with a higher transaction fee and severe limitation. But, there is no mention of it on the official website.

Teachable vs Thinkific

They are very similar and competitive. Some argue that Thinkific has better creation tools (like advanced quizzes) and customization. It follows that Teachable has better marketing and offers a more accessible interface. But others say Teachable has more tools overall, as well as better analytics. And claim that Thinkific is more reliable because its servers are a bit more up.

We can say somethings with certainty, though. For example, Thinkific has more integrations (e.g., +-3 emailing) and some big names like Shopify. Or that its course completion is a bit better as well with its “assignment lessons”. Plus, it has a custom first payment option (after free trial) that Teachable lacks.

The prices are also very clear. Payments are better covered in Teachable thanks to the multicurrency support. Plus, its one-step payment (payment before creating an account) has better conversions. Also, do not forget that it incorporates EU VAT which Thinkific doesn’t. But, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use Thinkific and be EU VAT compliant. It just means you will have to handle it yourself. 

Thinkific has some attractive features as well. For example, it has the instant payout by default to all clients. This is because it does not handle issues related to affiliates. Teachable, on the other hand, include instant payouts for some countries. If you don’t leave in those countries, you must wait 30-60 days.

Now, if we see specific plans, we can note a couple of things. Thinkific’s low tier ($49) is a bit more expensive. The one that follows ($99/mo.) is a bit less expensive. Lastly, the higher-level plan ($499/mo) is way more expensive. It is quite ambivalent, we know, but there is something clear. There is a useful free plan that you will find attractive.

We cannot arrive at a decisive conclusion, so take these sections as reference points.

Teachable vs Udemy

There are significant differences between Teachable and Udemy. To start, Udemy is a platform that posts courses of all creators in one place, a marketplace. This means that competition is very high. Second, to create courses in it, you must go through an examination process. It includes everything in your course and has no guarantee of passing. 

Customization is limited as expected because it aims at being a uniform platform. So, for example, you are stuck to using their branding and their sale page template. This is a common pattern, and tools are limited. Another main difference is in their prices. To receive payments in Udemy, you don’t pay for any plan but have to qualify for it. After passing this extra examination, you agree to share 50% of sales with them. 

I know what you might be thinking, “this sounds bad”. But it is not that crystal clear. You can make tons of profit if you manage to adapt under these conditions. However, we cannot lie pretending that doing so is something everyone can or wants.  Regardless, Udemy, though different, is a key player in this scene.

Teachable vs Kajabi

Kajabi is also different in many ways. It is a platform that includes way more than course creation. There is space for emailing, funnels, blogging, landing pages, webinars, and more. It has almost everything an online business may need. 

It counts with superior marketing options, better assessments more integrations. It also deals better with all things automation and emailing. Plus, its no-code customization and community engagement are a bit better. 

Prices are similar because there are 3 paid plans, but there are differences in some parts. Its low-tier plan, for example, is much more expensive, now sitting at 149$/mo. As expected, it is very limited, and the most promoted service is the mid-tier one.  That one ($199/mo.) is quite close to what Teachable offers and with a much larger toolset. So it looks attractive.

For these reasons, it is not appropriate to compare them. One is an all-in-one platform, the other mostly a course creation site. Still, if we focus only on the latter section, we see many reasons to consider it.    

Can You Make Money On Teachable?

Of course, you can! They got a range of monetization features that lets you make profits with ease. They got subscriptions, membership, one-time payments, bundles, coupons, and more. Plus, they count with +130 currency support and accept PayPal and Mobile pay payments. 

Teachable also includes marketing tools. And very significantly, handle chargebacks, affiliate payouts, taxing (like EU VAT), and others. 

Plus, it is a secure site. They got instant updates, constant monitoring, and count with great certificates for data and security. 

Trust us here. Your reputation is more than safe using this site, and monetization is as good as one could expect.  Thanks for reading this article, we expect it has been very useful.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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