TubeBuddy Review - Is TubeBuddy Better Than VidIQ?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

When you finally decide to start a YouTube channel, you have to think about this. While it looks simple and charming, having success on YouTube depends on many things. It is not enough to have good content and a friendly personality, and let me tell you that many out there know it too well by now.   TubeBuddy is a tool that lets you keep up with the competition by giving you a range of helpful features. You will see all kinds of stats, recommendations, and options to be a fast and savvy content creator. 

This article will take a deep dive into this tool to tell you everything you need to know about it. It’s features, extensions, pricing. You name it.  Lastly, we will look at one of its biggest competitors and give our final verdict about its worth. 

Let’s begin.

What is TubeBuddy? 

As said before, it is a YouTube content creator tool that aims at increasing your success. It works as a primary browser extension that connects to YouTube and an APP for IOS and Android. It offers many features and best practices so that you’ll never miss a thing.  This tool’s uniqueness lets us first look at some of its best features before we look at this tool’s uniqueness. Features are categorized into five groups. Let’s look at 3 of them: 

All of these features interplay in its “click magnet system”. “Ok how does that work?” It looks at the most popular and profitable elements of all online videos and suggests tweaks to you. It is useful because it rates everything with a clear metric adjusted on watch time, if you will. 

Why is Tubebuddy good

TubeBuddy stands out because of its unique option to create profiles for every type of video, saving you time. You also get exclusive access to live sub counts and brand alerts (which tells you when something related to you is posted). Another unique feature is the direct comparison with your competitors. Just look at every vital piece of state all in one site! Lastly, note that it is more accessible because it supports all major browsers, including Opera and Microsoft Edge. 

Tubebuddy extension

Extra features that are not directly related to content creation or unique come in 3 main groups: 

TubeBuddy Pricing 

Besides the free plan that is a bit limited by design, there are three paid plans:

AS of Feb 2021, you get 20% off if paid annually, and the pro plan has a 50% discount for small channels under 1000 subs. 

How to start with Tubebuddy

You can start with Tubebuddy here.

Is TubeBuddy safe?

According to their page, they got over eight years of experience working with all things YouTube. 

Plus, they cite their relationship with world-renowned brands like Pepsi and CBS Sports as evidence of its high security. They count on industry standards like HTTPS, privacy regulations, and credit card info handling. 

“But what about my channel, could my credentials get stolen?” Well, it seems unlikely as it uses Oauth2.0 secure mechanism created by Google itself.  So, the answer to the question “is it secure?” is: Yes, indeed what you can expect from sites dealing with online businesses. . Of course, security best practices in terms of passwords and connections are always recommended. But there is no reason to believe this tool is incredibly unsafe. 

TubeBuddy Alternative - VidiQ vs Tubebuddy

Like almost all other businesses out there, there is competition, and vidIQ is among the fiercest! 

Making an in-depth comparison will be impossible in just a section of an article, so let me tell you about the aspects that deserve some attention.  First, let’s clarify that both are pretty good tools. Their differences on the level of insight and number tools are relatively marginal. Furthermore, it’s challenging to say which one is better based on special features as well. Every person has their interest and likes, so it is not clear-cut at all. However, we can mention some aspects while encouraging you to take an in-depth look into their features. Maybe there is something specific that results very valuable for you that you won’t find until you check the detail pages.

Let’s talk prices first. The 1st tier is almost equal ($7.5/mo.), but there are stark differences in the other two. The second and third plans cost an extra $20 and $366! respectively. Since most users are not willing to spend over $100, at least at the beginning, we can make one brief conclusion. TubeBuddy has an advantage because it offers two plans below the $50 mark, while vidIQ has only one in that margin. 

As for the features, let’s look at the unique ones as they are most likely going to be what shapes your opinion. Among the most essential features is having multiple channels in the 2nd tier plan (up to 5 in the 3rd plan). Besides, you can look at your channel’s performance based on the total number of views, not just on watch time or internal criteria as TubeBuddy does. It also adds the chance to see your channel according to a global list, plus see subs gained in real-time. And lastly, another exciting feature is that you can see the subs count next to their name on the comments section.

“Now tell me, what’s is missing from vidIQ”? Notable is the lack of support for Opera and Safari (only Chrome and Firefox are supported). Maybe, more importantly, is the fact that a 3rd tier plan that can compete with TubeBuddy’s is missing.

Is TubeBuddy Worth IT?

The answer is simple, thanks to its massive range of features, great accessibility. Together with its unique features and superb insight makes this tool highly valuable.  Trust us here, if you are dead serious about starting your journey on YouTube, make sure to check it out! 

We hope this article has helped you know more about the choices available.  As always, we thank you for reading and wish you the best of lucks in your future projects.

How to start with Tubebuddy

You can start with Tubebuddy here.

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