Unbounce Review - Is It the Best Landing Page Builder in 2021?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

If you’ve wanted to create a landing page for your business, you’ve probably heard about Unbounce. Without a doubt, it is one of the most competitive providers out there, but the real question is: is it THE best?

This article will tell you about its components that make it so popular, its plans and compare them. Let’s begin! 

Intro to Unbounce review 

Unbounce is a landing page building application that boosts leads and conversion. It does so by giving you an accessible, complete, and secure service.

I know what you might be thinking: “well, and why would I need landing pages if I already have a webpage?” Think twice, partner, and if you want to make your business stand out and compete, you must have them. 

But how exactly does it help? The short answer, to give more than some of its competitors. 

Unbounce Features 

Before discussing the three main features that will make at least some go wow, let’s talk about the basics.

Like its competition, Unbounce offers a great set of templates, monitoring, and integrations. The option to test from between 2-page versions (A/B test), secure servers, and mobile support. Not to mention the customer service that is up to international standards. 

Then you have Javascript, CSS, and custom HTML support, together with great speeds. Customizable popups and sticky notes configured by frequency, location, cookies, or referral are. The ability to publish your pages to your URL domain or WordPress page, and other features. 

Among the three remarkable features is the drag and drop landing page builder. The ease of use, together with its fantastic range of internal features, are perfect! You can do pretty much everything you will want to without having to code a single line. Unbounce builder is definitely going to save you time and help your business. There is a completely free preview available with half the options ready to use. Make sure to check it out. 

The other valuable feature that will give your business a boost is called “Smart Traffic”. It is an AI that directs your visitors to the best variant by looking at their information (e.g., device or location). Think about this, and you only need to create pages and let the AI work after you get 50 visitors. Thank you, technology! 

The other significant feature we want you to know about is “Dynamic Text Replacement” (DTR). It connects your potential customer search, the displayed ad, and your landing page. It ensures those 3 features align so that your customer sees on the browser and your page what he’s looking for. This means you only need to have the appropriate landing page and let the AI do its work. Focus your attention elsewhere, knowing your leads are increasing by the second.

Unbounce Pricing 

There are four plans available, varying on the limit of conversions and visitors per month. The number of uses and connected domains, together with offered features vary as well. The good news is that they all include unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars. As well as integrations, analytics, and complete page builder access. 

So what are the plans? 

It is worth noting that there is a planning calculator that is going to save you some headaches. And if you need higher limits, training, and 1-1 consultation, you can make customs plans as well. 

Where can I buy Unbounce

You can buy Unbounce here.

Unbounce Templates 

Unbounce does not disappoint those that are looking for variety and customization. With over 100 landing pages and tens of popups and sticky bars, you will find something suitable. 

With lots of options, and effective filtering system is vital, and Unbounce delivers. You can choose from the type of campaign, business, and unique features. All in all, there are more than 30 filtering options to choose from. 

On the visuals, nothing negative can be said. All templates are smooth, solid, and pretty. All of them also can be converted to a mobile version with just one click. 

In short, Unbounce Templates satisfies most demands that business owners may be having. That, coupled with the customization available, makes the provider stand out. 

Unbounce Integrations 

There are +60 applications available in Unbounce. They can be hundreds if you count Zapier. You got 12 categories to choose from, and almost everything seems to be there. 

There are three types: 

Unbounce Competitors 

If we want to discuss its competition, we have to talk about Leapages since it is well-rated. Plus, it is one and the most competitive providers out there. 

First, let’s talk prices for a moment. As we are talking about a higher-end service, let’s focus on Leadpages’ upper plans. For $79/mo, you get access to its most competitive plan. The ‘Standard’ plan, which comes with testing and checkouts, and three site limits. With a drawback, you have to stick with the templates since customization is limited. 

You may say, we’ll let’s pay for Unbounce’ launch’ plan then, it is only $2 more, why even wondering? Well, not so fast. While you’d be correct, you would be missing the fact that Leadpages charges a flat fee. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about limits or upgrading your plan in the future as you get more traffic and sales.

However, this is not to say that Leadpages is the ultimate victor. Unbounce’s ‘“Optimize” plan seems to take the lead when it comes to your return of investment (ROI). If you can afford it, its features are destined to boost your sales in a way that will be hard for Leadpages to do. The same applies to the other 2 of Unbounce’s plans. Arguably they outcompete Leadpages. Though, again the question of a future upgrade roaming around is not answered. 

Having said that, making a selection between the two will depend on several factors. The questions that you should be asking yourself are: How important is customization for me? How about the limits? Is my business prepared to take the most advantage of Unbounce features? 

Is Unbounce Worth It? 

In most cases, it is. A safe approach in our eyes would be to start with Leadpages to get a good idea of your priorities and conditions. Once you settle down and feel you understand the course and status of your company, consider this: 

Unbounce offers a high ROI, at the cost of potential ever-increasing fees. Plus, it seems to unleash a success potential uncomparable to many of its competitors. The question left to answer is can your business turn that potential into reality? 

For these reasons, Unbounce, for the time being, must always be an option worth thinking about. 

Our verdict is clear, for those that can afford it and feel his/her business is ready, it is worth it. 

We hope you find this piece useful and insightful, and bests of luck with your business. 

Thanks for reading. 

Where can I buy Unbounce

You can buy Unbounce here.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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