VidiQ Review - Is VidiQ Better Than TubeBuddy?

by Radoslaw Fabisiak

In the world of online businesses, the option of creating a YouTube channel is often heard. Either if you want to increase your brand standing or start from scratch, you can. However, if you want to succeed, you will have to learn about best practices and profitability methods.    VidiQ is there for you and does just that. It counts with features that speed thing ups and keep good track of progress at every second.

Today we will thoroughly discuss VidiQ and tell you what you should know. That includes a look at its most significant features, pricing, security, and competitiveness. 

Lastly, as always, we’ll answer the question: “is it worth it?”

What is VidiQ?

In a nutshell, it is a YouTube content creator tool that helps at almost everything you can imagine. From editing thumbnails, analyzing traffic data, engaging with your fanbase, and more. It works as a browser extension that supports Chrome and Firefox and as a mobile app for Android and IOS as well.  It counts with several significant features that keep up with the competition as well as unique characteristics that only increases its value.

Now let me tell you about VidiQ by making two assumptions. 

Let say that your main concern is to be fast and engaging. In that case, you will like its feature to copy and edit cards and end screens in bulk.  “And what about thumbnails? You might ask. Well, you get the option to edit them directly on the web and count with templates. 

Let’s assume that you already know about this type of product and are only asking ‘is there anything unique?” Absolutely, you will be amazed by its support for more than one channel. You can have up to 5 channels (depending on plans). Besides, you can look at your channel’s performance based on the total number of views, not just on watch time or default metric. It also adds the chance to see your channel according to a global list, plus see subs gained in real-time. And lastly, another interesting feature is that you can see the subs count of a user next to their name right on the comments section.  Now, if none of those two assumptions applies to you, we got you covered. In the next section, we explain all things in VidiQ!

VidiQ Extension

Let’s start from the initial interface, where you see all relevant information. “Scorecard” includes an upload checklist and tips to have efficient monetization. Additionally, you get an SEO score, social media engagement stats, and info about tags. This tag info applies to both your channel and video and provides suggestions as well. 

For a general overview of your channel performance and tips to improve it, you get the “Channel audit tool”. If you want to focus more on understanding the trending page, it counts with all the necessary tools for that.

But maybe what should interest you more ought to be its keywords analysis as they are a vital part of any channel. First, see what has been searched, then see what those keywords meant for sub count, views, etc. 

With that info, pay attention to the score that VidiQ will give you, follow tips and adapt your channel. That adaptation can mean something radical, like changing your destined audience or content. Or simply shape your uploads a bit, enhance your marketing and take advantage of what’s out there. The latter, as you can imagine, is most likely what you’ll use VidiQ for. 

There is more, wanna see what your competitors are doing and adapt some of their techniques? You can do it with its ‘competitors’ tool. Are you into directly comparing videos side by side? VidiQ also lets you do that. Does a tool that makes your interaction in the comment section faster sound good for you? Yes, you guessed it, VidiQ has that, in the form of templates!

VidiQ Pricing 

There are four plans available as of February 2021:

How to start with VidiQ

You can start with VidiQ here.  

Is VidiQ safe? 

  Yes, for two main reasons. First, the programming interface was made by Youtube, and VidiQ complies with the term of services of Youtube. Secondly, VidiQ has been out there for a decade by now and is as well-known as its main competition. 

As you can see, there is no reason to believe your data is in danger or that you will be punished for using it.  So do not worry and look at it as a safe and useful youtube tool. 

VidiQ Alternative: TubeBuddy

Time to talk about TubeBuddy. There are three features and one price consideration that caught our attention. TubeBuddy stands out because of its unique option to create profiles for every type of video, which saves you time. You also get exclusive access to live sub counts and brand alerts (which tells you when something related to you is posted). Lastly, note that it is more accessible because it supports all major browsers, including Opera and Microsoft Edge. 

About prices, we cannot ignore its attractive 3rd (and last) plan called “Legend” at $49/mo. Without going into deep details, we can say with certainty that this plan outcompetes VidiQ offers. Simply put, you get more from the money compared with VidiQ’s Boost plan. While it is behind the Boost+ plan, most users won’t really consider it due to its price. So, that leaves the Boost plan somewhere in the middle of the 2nd and 3rd plan offered by Tubebuddy, which is not a nice place to be at.  But some VidiQ unique characteristics (like multiple channel support) are outstanding as well. Furthermore, its 1st tier paid plan is a bit cheaper than TubeBuddy’s, and that could be significant for some.

So, while VidiQ is outcompeted in the top end of plans offered for only one channel, there are several reasons why downplaying it would be a mistake. 

Is VidiQ worth it? 

Of course, it is! At the end of the day, you cannot stay in the game for a lot of time if not, right? VidiQ offers a lot of analytical tools and advice that will certainly be of great value by any creator.  There is no reason to believe you’ll be throwing your money away. If you take this very seriously, you will see a boost in your channel. Final verdict: VidiQ passes our tests.   Thank you so much for reading this article, we hope it’s been useful. 

How to start with VidiQ

You can start with VidiQ here.

Radoslaw Fabisiak

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